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Southwest Cheese & Curry County
Support Each Other

Dedicated to being a good neighbor

The city of Clovis, New Mexico, has been the home of Southwest Cheese since its opening in 2005. As a resident of Curry County, we believe a robust economy is the core to a vibrant community, and we are committed to providing economic opportunities and supporting local businesses.

The community and surrounding areas provide invaluable resources - such as excellent choices in housing, retail businesses, schools, healthcare facilities, churches, entertainment, and outdoor activities - to our company and our growing family of employees.

We are dedicated to cultivating an excellent work environment that will continue to attract and keep a talented workforce. It is estimated that Southwest Cheese and our employees spend approximately $2M annually in direct spending in the Clovis community.

Sustainable Growth
Through Conservation

Southwest Cheese is committed to preserving the environment and natural resources in our community. Our goal is to manage our business in an environmentally responsible manner while ensuring the safety of our employees. We strive to maintain the environment, and generously offer information about our operations and our impact on sustainability.

Dairy Wastewater Treatment

Southwest Cheese has invested in a $25 million state-of-the-art water and wastewater treatment system that cleans and purifies the by-products from our plants. Our system has been proven to reduce waste loads by more than 90 percent.

Air & Energy

Southwest Cheese operates four boilers for power generation that are fueled by clean-burning natural gas. The emissions discharged from these boilers operate at a fraction of the established air permit standards. Additionally, methane gas generated by our wastewater treatment system is reused to fuel our boilers, reducing our demand for natural gas.

Efficiency through
Input Recovery

Lactose, a by-product of cheese production, is blended into animal feed, resulting in the efficient use of a processing waste while providing added nutrients as a renewable ingredient.

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