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Our Products

Commitment to Quality

Using only the freshest milk supplied by our local dairy farmers, Southwest Cheese produces premium cheeses and high quality whey protein powders for our global customers. Each delivery of milk is thoroughly tested for antibiotics and other contaminants. We reject all milk that does not meet our high-quality standards.

High-Quality Cheese

Southwest Cheese operates a dedicated processing facility that is responsible for the production of 450 million pounds of superior block cheeses. Our cheeses are produced from fresh local milk, and supplied to a variety of leading brands and global food organizations for packaging and resale.

Produced using the freshed ingredients and manufactured in our state-of-the-art cheese processing facility, Southwest Cheese products deliver exceptional quality and flavor for many applications. Each variety is available in 40 lb. or 640 lb. blocks.

cheese swc


cheese mwc

White Cheddar

colby cheese

Colby Jack

pepper jack

Pepper Jack

cheese swc

Colored Cheddar

cheese mwc

Monterey Jack

Whey Protein Powders


Southwest Cheese produces whey protein concentrates & whey protein isolates that deliver functional and nutritional benefits to many applications. We use fresh dairy whey to produce our protein powders allowing us to supply the most sought after protein ingredients in the industry.

Manufactured in our state of the art whey processing facility, our natural and clean microfiltration membrane process produces whey protein concentrates and whey protein isolates. Whey protein concentrates are perfectly suited for ice cream, cheese sauces & slices, and a variety of fresh dairy and specialized nutrition. Our whey protein isolates are ideal for powdered drink mixes, energy bars and an range of low-carbohydrate/high protein applications.

swc whey in scoop

Whey Protein Concentrate

swc whey in tub with scoop

Whey Protein Isolate

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