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Southwest Cheese Leads in Cheese
& Whey Protein Manufacturing

Southwest Cheese has grown to become a leading manufacturer of nutritious cheese and whey protein ingredients. We process over 5.1 billion pounds of milk and produce over 588 million pounds of premium block cheese as well as 36.8 million pounds of highly-purified whey protein powders each year.

Since our launch in October, 2005, our food business has operated a state-of-the-art cheese and whey manufacturing facility. Southwest Cheese operates according to current good manufacturing practices and strict standard operating procedures in a modern facility with controlled environments.


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Southwest Cheese & Dairy Industry Leaders
Form a Strong Partnership

Located in the high plains of eastern New Mexico, the area is considered one of the highest quality dairy producing regions in the United States.


Established in 1994 by family dairy producers and Dairy Farmers of America, Select Milk supplies most of the fresh milk to Southwest Cheese.


Dairy Farmers of America is comprised of over 13,000 family farmers from across the country who supply fresh milk to Southwest Cheese.

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Glanbia Nutritionals oversees the production and marketing of the cheese and whey protein that are produced at this facility.

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